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Moving company service standards

With the moving industry warm market competition, Shanghai moving company service standards set by industry: 
1, should be proactive, all for the sake of customers, meet all reasonable requests of customers. Of goods without damage, lost customers, handling and moving in transit in Guangzhou to ensure customer safety.  
2, gently, not Ke do not touch: 
Great care to clients, gently, don't knock and don't touch, use a rug to fragile items, furniture, home appliances and other parcels, separated.  
3, valuables, carefully: 
Appropriate technology more carefully for Guangzhou to move customers ' valuables, such as piano, computer, household appliances.  
4, rational code, vehicle laden with: 
Reasonable code of customer goods, on the premise of not violating traffic laws and ensure the safety, vehicle laden, safe driving.  
5, accurate and efficient, reasonable: 
Under the premise of not violating traffic laws, according to the customer request driving directions, customers not required or not clear lines, should be better routes.  
6, neat, polite and civilized: 
Mass moving company movers, Guangzhou should uniform emblazoned with "mass moving" company logo clothing, manufacturing foreman wearing head logo. Customer terms civilization and courtesy.  
Guangzhou relocation services staff must be on site: no customers smoke and drink customers drink, do not eat the customer, do not take clients abandoned anything.

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