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The long and short of a professional moving moving companies, good service, reasonable prices, Shanghai moving company! all employees are trained, has more than eight years of experience in the moving industry. ★ Business range ★: "1" long, and short moved service--professional residents moved, and moved Office, and moved piano, and small transport, and mechanical equipment shift; "2" long, and short moved factory service--professional moved factory, and moved machine, and lifting, and heavy equipment shift, and upstairs Xia basement; "3" air conditioning disassembly--professional maintenance, and added snow species, and cleaning, and maintenance; "4" life service--home, and shop, and Office design decorative, and hydropower installation, kitchen Wei transformation, and batch gray brush wall, waterproof trap,. And to uphold his promise: "unity, be bold, high-speed development" the principle of sincere service to every customer! BACK

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