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How to intervene with the moving company

1, when negotiating with the Shanghai moving company must clearly tell each other, real, detailed the following in order to estimate moving costs.  
(1) handling the number and size of items.  
(2) special large furniture, and approximate weight.  
(3) number of floors and the site takes on a number of floors, no elevator.  
(4) whether there is a level of transportation distance, moving away, whether inter-provincial transportation.  
(5) moving time.  
(6) If you need a rubbish.  
(7) it is necessary to value added services (such as disassembly, packaging, etc).  
2, moving companies vehicle carrying volume reference standards: (see models).  
3, and if handling of items many, in handling Qian can first please moved company sent member came to residence site valuation, a can understand the company of service quality, II is let the company prior clear reality, so as not to both on handling volume of cognitive produced errors, and on price raised not necessary of disputed; but please don't find more than industry who a? quot; meeting ", and" shouted price ", respect each other. General valuation is usually not to their new home valuation, so please try to explain to a new House, for the moving company know.  
4, asked what basic services included in the price (such as whether to provide services such as loading height, carton and packing).  
5, ask how the availability of canvas (cover ponchos), blankets, quilts and other protective measures.  
6, some of the smaller moving companies, because their vehicles do not often used between peer deployment mode of operation of the vehicle. But vehicles sent by this situation frequently occurs not previously approached moving company consumer, resulting in requests for services prices differ very much when you engage with original phenomena. Customers who do not want this kind of dispute, when the prior contact with moving companies, urged against the company asked the company to send its vehicles.  
7, and handling zhiqian should and moved company first signed moved contract, description moved of time, and locations, and object number, and billing way, and costs, and precious items (large furniture), and handling trip, and damaged of responsibility, and service car number, and service number, and models, and mount height, and moved amount whether containing tax, problem, signed Shi industry who to you charged of deposit should not over handling amount of 10%.  
8, should inquire whether the moving company has an additional charge of projects (such as large air-conditioning, pianos, safes, and so on).  
9, a truck load of minimum standards is high cube with guardrail, if the moving company do not comply with this standard, should take the initiative to fight for, and should pay attention to the price relationship between the loading height and the family business. 10, the value loaded models and valuation error: If the moving company to take into account the valuation, should consult the car's weight and volume. Car 2, permissible error value is 0.5; 3-5 permissible error value is 1; 5-8 permissible error value is 1.5 below 9-10 permissible error value is 2. To offer value, you should consult the actual number of van and the valuation is not the same as price differences of principles of management.  
11, once the time any changes, please be sure to inform the company in advance, so as to avoid the other idle running, cause economic losses on both sides.  
12, after the signing of any change, especially handling personnel who ask for a fare increase, should take the initiative and the moving company confirmed. BACK

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